Color and Light

Color and Light

Color and Light. Color Is All About Light

Color and light. The beauty of New Mexico is all about light. Sunrise and sunset are all about light. Rainbows are all about light. Photography is all about light. Color is all about light.

People see light differently. Those of us with “normal” color vision see one thing. But now I ask myself about almost everything, “How would that look to this other person or that other person?”

Albuquerque is known for the rather frequent occurrence of double rainbows after early evening storms, and last night timing produced a real beauty, a full arc double rainbow, one of the most magnificent I’ve seen in several years. I could not help wondering how it would look to people with some of the color vision deficiencies.

The upper left hand corner is how it appeared to me; upper right corner how it would appear to someone with a mild-to-moderate red deficiency; lower right a mild-to-moderate blue deficiency; lower left a mild-to-moderate green deficiency. They are all remarkably beautiful to me.

color and light
Double Rainbow – Color is All About Light

Again, the color deficiencies in this quadtych are mild-to-moderate, which is actually more common than near-complete absence of a color. Note that the objects on the ground, such as the trees and houses, are a little different in color to people with the different types of deficiencies that are only mild to moderate. But look at the difference in the sky!!!! The sky is all about light, and even mild color deficiencies make a huge difference!

Some of you who are my readers know that my view of the sky and events in it can be very different from the view of friends living only a few miles to the west, on the other side of the Rio Grande. Take a look at my friend Tim Price’s images of the same storm.

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