Degrees of Red Deficient Vision

Degrees of Red Deficient Vision

Examples of Degrees of Red Deficient Vision

Examples of degrees of red deficient vision – or any color deficient vision, for that matter – are important for understanding the wide range of possibilities in the perception of color. Some people can have only very mild impairment, while others lack the ability to see one of the primary colors of the RGB system of light.

This red lacewing butterfly from the Tucson Botanic Garden was one of the subjects in the original set of diptychs for the book, “Seeing Color Colorblind.” It makes a very good subject for color studies, because the contrast in color is vivid for people with normal color vision, and the lack of contrast for people with red deficient vision is equally striking in a different way. The following images are arranged from normal color vision to severe red deficient vision.

Note that the color of the leaf changes also. That is because the leaf was not pure green, but contains other colors as well. If red is not seen, the leaf color will appear more pure green. This example perhaps shows the leaf changes better:

degrees of red deficiency
Some degrees of red deficiency

In a future post, I’ll demonstrate degrees of green deficient vision. But here is a quick view, using the same butterfly.

color deficient vision
Some Degrees of Green Deficiency
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